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If there’s one thing we know for sure it is that Jeremy Scott lives to gives us a good thrill on the runway. His antics aren’t just hype either they are very true to his brand and the way he runs his business.

Spring 2015 is no different other than the fact that it’s…well, different! Jeremy captured our hearts again this time with a bit of nostalgia. Who didn’t grow up obsessing of their Barbies style and accessories? So who could hold in a swoon to see life sized barbies strutting down the aisle with perfect manicures and perfectly tailored dream clothes? He got this one down to a science bringing to life everything that we loved growing up about out miniature play pals.

From the bright colors, to the frills, metallics, amazing shoes and perfectly matching accessories this line was everything we imagined our Barbie would be if she came to life. I’m usually over themes like this because they are always lacking a bit of fantasy and tend to not live up to childhood memories but Jeremy knocked this one out the park!

The Zimmermann show was one that did not disappoint this season. With a line full of feminine frills and fresh color
inspiration each look was a pleasant surprise as the models floated
down the runway.

I think the best thing about this collection was the way Zimmermann somehow found a way to bring glamour and practicability together on the runway.

As glamorous as these pieces are
They could definitely find a home in my wardrobe. That really increases the appeal of the line. It shows a designer who gets what a fan wants…to look like a star and stand out.

Last nights rooftop party hosted by Pandora Rose was amazing. The gathering promoting their new collection of road gold jewelry was everything you could hope for in Manhattan during fashion week. Breathtaking views on the rooftop of the Empire Hotel, custom crafted cocktails, great food and an amazing guest list.

We had a blast mingling and meeting some great folks while we admired the brand itself. Ive been to a lot of events already this week but cheers to Pandora for leaving an impression!

The Zimmermann show was exactly what fashion week is about. Being fabulous and shining bright. I loved it. -KG

Here’s a quick look at the location for the A’Moi show. Lots of detail and character in the architecture. I loved it! (Please excuse my shaky footage the show was getting ready to start!)